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Photo by Grant Slater





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Kyle is a composer, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn NY, but originally from New Mexico.  An alumnus of music programs at Interlochen Arts Academy and New York University, Kyle found his first musical niches in the worlds of orchestral pop and indie-rock as the songwriting front person of the critically acclaimed band Milagres.  Milagres has released 2 albums internationally with legendary indie label Kill Rock Stars in the US and Memphis Industries/PIAS in the UK, and has toured extensively in the US and Europe, performing at many major festivals as well as on television and radio along the way.  Milagres is currently ramping up to their 4th full-length release.

Winning favor and reputation for his work as a songwriter and performer, Kyle started his career in film music in 2015 by jumping off of the deep end – scoring a professionally produced feature documentary, Denial, as his first project. Since then he has worked on a multitude of film projects, including the Netflix Original Feature Documentary Get Me Roger Stone, several web-series and shorts for The New York Times and The Guardian, and Mammoth, a short documentary companion piece to a story in The Atlantic. Kyle has also written custom songs and scores for brands, including SAKS, Origins, KIND and Universal Pictures.

Kyle tends to take a very flexible approach to scoring– finding what inspires him about the project and the filmmaker’s tastes and allowing this to expand his own horizons.  He enjoys the challenges and inspiration that come with working with whatever tools are available to him, and he loves to tinker with household items or record sounds out in the world to foster unique and unexpected sonic results.  Kyle sees film scoring as a way to let down his guard, experiment, collaborate, and accomplish things he could never expect to arrive at on his own.

When he’s not furiously writing music or walking around in Brooklyn trying to figure out how to solve a musical problem, Kyle spends most of his free time outdoors.  He’s a passionate mountaineer and surfer. Taking much of his creative energy from the sublime wildernesses he prefers to inhabit, Kyle’s relationship to nature is elemental to his output as an artist.